Your post-surgery care, redefined and improved.
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After a major operation, one is advised to be a part of any post-operation plan that can manage their symptoms and effectively help them transition from hospital care back to normal living conditions. This is a special type of care aimed to ensure the individual’s safe and fast recovery without compromising present health conditions and possible new ones.

Our post-op care services include:

Lymphatic Massages

Daily (30 mins)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle technique used to drain excess fluid from the body. It is highly recommended for surgical patients to improve health results & promote healing. Massages are performed only after receiving clearance from your surgeon.

Concierge services

Delivered right to your home, hotel, or Airbnb.

A Detailed Overview of Our Post-Op Care

Sessions include but are not limited to nursing assessment and various non-invasive techniques at the discretion of the provider. Unlimited treatments (tape, suture removal, seroma drainage, etc) are included when a package is purchased.

Sessions include non-invasive techniques at the discretion of the provider.

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First Post OPTransportation

  • 1. Pick Up/Drop Off on your Big Day!
  • 2. Same Day prescription Pick Up/Drop Off
  • 3. First post op appointment

We Will Pick Up YourPrescription For You

Some guest receive their prescription on the day of surgery. If so, Little transportation drops off and picks up medication to have ready for you upon surgery pickup

Three Professional Meals Daily

Coming Soon!
Our professional chef cooks fresh three meals for your post surgical needs. Including key foods to help for a speedy recovery ex. low-salt food and smoothies include fresh fruits.

  • foodsBreakfast
  • foodsLunch
  • foodsDinner

Lymphatic Massage

Massages are SO important during the recovery phase. Early massages promotes circulation, fluid shifts, and breakage of scar tissue. Our staff is trained in body sculpting techniques, post-op massages, and so much more.

Garment Washing

Coming Soon!
Let us wash and dry your garment while you get massage, read book, or relax watching your favorite Netflix show.

We suggest having two garments to interchange with

  • clothesGather Your Laundry
  • clothesSort Your Clothes
  • clothesFold Them Neatly


Coming Soon!
Here at ALAL we believe recovery is just as important as surgery. This is why we provide the best luxury wellness services. Recovery can be a long road. Come relax, rejuvenate and recover.