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A.L.A.L Meso 50 is our version of Lipo 360 ? the non-surgical way…

Decrease the fat cell in more than just your double-chin.

Who: Inquire about Contraindications
What: Decrease fat cells Permanently
When: In-Office ( No Downtime) Same Day Service
How: How soon will I see results? In 4-6 weeks you can lose 2-10 inches and/or pounds during this process.

Say goodbye to stubborn and unwanted fat

We all deserve to look and feel our best, but sometimes life makes it difficult.

At times, even a good diet and exercise regimen are not always enough to get us there.

The good news:

Our Meso 50 Non-Surgical technique to permanently eliminate fat cells is great for you; specifically designed to help with those stubborn areas of our body.

So, what is it exactly? Visit us at to visit our photo gallery.

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As with any cosmetic treatment or procedure, individual results may vary. We always strive to provide the best results possible.